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Added Value for Exhibitors

Engage high-quality buyers with serious purchasing power.
Connect with current and future strategic partners.
Explore, showcase, and demonstrate new technologies.
Target hard-to-reach customers with face-to-face promotions
A one-stop shop to explore business expansion opportunities
Monitor and observe competitors’ business
Discover and boost export activities
Sign business deals with new parties and partners

Exhibiting Tips

How to maximize your presence at SAUDI HOME SHOW

As trade show organizers with over 15 years of experience, we have been asked to share our best advice to maximize exhibitors’ return on investment (ROI).
Here are 10 simple but effective tips every exhibitor can use.

Know your audience and focus on their needs.

  • ID the perfect prospect for your product or service. 
  • Select the most appropriate solutions to present to your target audience. 
  • When creating your exhibit’s messaging, focus on product benefits that address.

Identify and prioritize the top three reasons why you’re exhibiting.

  • Focus on these reasons when making your strategic and spending decisions.
  • Ask yourself, “Will doing this help me reach my goals?”
  • You may be exhibiting to:
  • Gather qualified sales leads.
  • Promote new products.
  • Enhance your corporate brand.
  • Educate your audience.
  • Cement existing client relationships.
  • Conduct business meetings.
  • Obtain press and media coverage.
  • Recruit distributors, dealers, representatives, and employees.
  • Perform competitive, market research.
  • Attend educational sessions.

Set strategic, measurable expo goals.

  • Establish realistic goals based on your target market as a percentage of anticipated show attendance, the number of exhibiting hours, exhibit size, staffing, and budget.
  • Predetermine how you will measure success after the expo is over.

Identify the products or services you’ll showcase.

  • “New” is the most powerful word at the expo. New products are attendee magnets!
  • If you have a large product line, display only a significant sample.
  • Attendees want to interact with your product or service in your exhibit.

Design an attractive, functional, modern exhibit.

  • Keep your exhibit open and inviting. 
  • Don’t block more than 20% of the aisle with displays, walls, or extra staff. 
  • Use color, light, and movement to attract attendees. 
  • Keep visitors in your booth using engaging presentations, hands-on demos, and professional staff.

Use high-impact graphics focusing on your customers’ needs.

  • Your graphics should be large, colorful visual “speed bumps” to attract attendees’ attention and communicate your message. 
  • Effective graphics communicate what your product can do for prospective customers in about 3.5 seconds, which is equivalent to the time it takes to walk past a 10’ x 10’ booth.

Promotion – Pre-Show, At-Show, Post-Show

  • Be proactive in inviting your most-wanted list of qualified attendees to stop by. 
  • Industry studies have shown that an exhibitor can double the number of qualified leads at a show with effective pre-show and at-show promotional campaigns.

Prepare your staff for “show business”

  • Trade shows are a different model of sales opportunity with unique challenges. 
  • Don’t expect your exhibit staff to perform unprepared in your exhibit. 
  • Double your qualified leads by allocating a few percent of your overall budget for professional exhibit staff training.

Record all critical follow-up information on a lead form

  • Then follow up on your expo leads and provide relevant information they need, including contact info, product interest, current supplier, reason for changing vendors, role in the purchasing process, timeframe to buy, and requested follow-up.

Provide promised follow-up within 48 hours of expo closing (if not sooner)

  • Industry statistics say that no follow-up is done on 80% of expo leads! 
  • Prepare your post-show follow-up process before you leave for the expo. 
  • Stand out by contacting your prospects by an agreed method no later than a week after the expo closes.

Exhibitors Profile


Melamine Kitchenware
Wooden Products
Plastic Kitchen Utensils
Storage boxes and bowls
Plastic Organizers


Cooking pots, pans, and saucepans
Stainless Steel Cookware
Granite Cookware
Enamel Cookware
Iron, Aluminum, and Copper Cookware


Upholstery fabrics
Decorative fabrics
Rugs and carpets
Curtains and Window Treatments
Bed Linen
Textile Accessories


Decorative Bathroom and Kitchen Accessories
Lighting / Chandeliers
Pictures and frames
Home fragrances, Candles, and Candleholders
Decorative plants and flowers
Wooden Home Accessories
Figurines and sculptures
Paintings and Wall Art
Table Accents


Small Home Appliances

Portable Dishwasher
Food Processor
Instant Pot
Rice Cooker
Slow Cooker
Stand Mixer
Pressure Cooker
Waffle Iron
Bread Machine
Ice Cream Maker
Yogurt Maker
Coffee Grinder
Popcorn Machine
Panini Maker
Deep Fryer
Food Dehydrator
Garbage Disposal

Built-in Kitchen

Oven\Stove Top
Washing Machine
Coffee Maker
Microwave Oven

White Goods

Small Fridges
Oven / Mini Oven
Toaster Oven

Cleaning Appliances

Ironing Boards
Laundry Hangers
Cleaning utensils


Smart TVs
Smart Home Tech
Domestic Robot
Ceiling Fan
Security Devices
Safety Devices
Entertainment Systems


Garden umbrellas
Parasol bases
Barbecue Accessories
Outdoor Ovens
Outdoor Heaters
Outdoor Fireplaces
Fire Baskets


Decorative Bathroom and Kitchen Accessories
Lighting / Chandeliers
Pictures and frames
Home fragrances, Candles, and Candleholders
Decorative plants and flowers
Wooden Home Accessories
Figurines and sculptures
Paintings and Wall Art
Table Accents

Sponsorship Options

Your advertising and sponsorship choices for SAUDI HOME SHOW

Position your brand where it belongs – center stage!

Get in touch with us

SAUDI HOME SHOW offers a wide range of exciting advertising, sponsoring, branding, and promotion opportunities at the exhibition site to carry your premium brand message to the whole world.

Thanks to the new variety of branding and advertising opportunities that we offer

  • you will reach your target group quickly and effectively at the right touch points.
  • you can choose an advertisement option that perfectly fits your budget and ROI.
  • you can be the master of your own success. Do not only participate but put your brand in the spotlight that it deserves.

From August 2023, the new sponsoring options will be available, and a detailed overview of all benefits will be gladly provided then.

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